Presentations from the cruise planning meeting
15-17 January 2008

Alex Baker Atmospheric deposition off West Africa 0.2 mb
E.D. Barton and R. Torres Cabo Blanco and filaments 4.5 mb
Vassilis Kitidis O2 photo-oxidation - NH4+ photoproduction 0.2 mb
Cliff Law and Andy Rees Nitrous oxide 0.1 mb
Gwen Moncoiffé UK-SOLAS Data Management 0.2 mb
Phil Nightingale, Jo Dixon, Rachael Beale and Roisin Walsh OVOCs - oxygenated volatile organic compounds 0.4 mb
Andy Rees and Cliff Law Nitrous oxide and methane 0.1 mb
Carol Robinson The impact of coastal upwellings on the air-sea exhange of climatically important gases (ICON) 1.2 mb
Pablo Serret Dissolved oxygen measurements 1.5 mb
Jamie Shutler SOLAS-ICON NEODAAS support: Earth observation and model data 3.0 mb
John Stephens, Phil Nightingale and Malcolm Liddicoat Deployment and measurement of SF6 and 3He 0.2 mb
Glen Tarran Plankton biomass and diversity 0.1 mb
Gavin Tilstone Phytoplankton photosynthesis and primary production, CDOM degradation, bio-optics 0.7 mb
Ricardo Torres Physical survey 1.0 mb
Claire Widdicombe Phytoplankton community structure, diversity and production 0.1 mb
Malcolm Woodward Logistics for SOLAS-ICON cruise 0.1 mb