SOLAS Seasaw cruise sails

The UK SOLAS 'SeaSaw' research cruise (Discovery 317) led by Ian Brooks began on schedule on 21 March, departing Glasgow (Govan) soon after 11.00. 

Instrument trials in the Firth of Clyde were scheduled for 21/22 March.  Discovery will then head out to open water between Lewis and Rockall to start the main studies.  The cruise is scheduled to end at  Lisbon on 12 April.

The cruise aims to study fundamental controls of air-sea gas exchange, with emphasis on sea-spray and other wind-driven effects.  Measurements include whitecap coverage and wave breaking; bubble production by breaking waves; suite of meteorological parameters (including high resolution wind data); and aerosol characterisation using CLASP (Compact Lightweight Aerosol Spectrometer Probe) and ATOFMS (Aerosol Time of Flight Mass Spectrometer).

See the logistics page for forms for cruise participants.